JSS has been a full-service provider to the Criminal Justice System across the Wasatch Front for over 25 years. Our staff has collectively over 100+ years of experience and our licensed in the field and line of their specific practice.

 JSS is licensed as Prime for Life, MRT certified, Domestic Violence, Substance Use Disorder, and Mental Health Outpatient treatment providers through the Department of Human Services-Outpatient Licensing. JSS is certified to provide IDAs for the Driver's License Division. JSS is also a certified JRI provider on the AOC list.  Along with numerous approved contracts with the County Sheriff across the state to provide private probation. Services are available to low, medium, and high-risk clients.

 JSS provides services to clients who are on probation and/or treatment with other providers and will refer out to a JRI provider if a client's needs are met better elsewhere. JSS follows our licensing and certification standards and will report to the court, attorney, and providers as approved by the client. JSS is well-versed in court procedures, preparing OSC affidavits and motions, testifying, and problem-solving.

DUI Sentencing Guidelines, JSS provides monitoring as dictated by 41-6a-515 and 41-6a-505.  We provide 24/7 alcohol monitoring and electronic monitoring services for home confinement and GPS monitoring.  This can assist with the early reinstatement of a Driver's License under 41-6a-509 and 41-6a-517. 

There are many providers out there but none with our combined experience, employee retention, individualized treatment, and full-court services. 

JSS is committed and challenges all JRI treatment providers along with licensed private probation providers to help close the TREATMENT GAP. We have committed to providing a waiver of fees to 3 clients for 30 days of services each month.  If you have a client you believe would qualify and needs services feel free to contact us at or 801.486.8143 ext 1 and speak with Anna-Marie. We can forward you a fee waiver packet and agreement to be returned. We will staff the waiver applications around the 25th of each month for the following month's services. This will be limited and only for 1 calendar month of services to current clients, each month.

 Thank you,

Judicial Supervision Services